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  1. Entry
    This entry was redone with black carpet on the stairway, a hand-knotted oriental rug, and a wheel-back arm chair upholstered in black hair-on-hide.
  2. Living Room in Classic Home
    A living room redone 30 years after I originally designed it. All existing furniture was reupholstered and the wood furniture remained the same. New pedestals, table lamps, toss pillows, draperies, and new carpet were added.
    Living Room in Classic Home
  3. Alcove Seating Area
    Seating area, wrapped in mica wall-covering, was created by removing a bar cabinet. Extra seating was created in this totally redone family room. All luxury materials were used here to create a rich and enjoyable environment.
    Alcove Seating Area
  4. Contemporary Condo
    A contemporary condo, with a bit of eclecticism. Custom backdrop for artwork as well as custom pedestals for display and a contemporary black wool rug for a bit of drama.
    Contemporary Condo
  5. Family Room
    High quality materials are used in this family room in order to pamper the occupants and to create a luxurious haven for rest and recuperation from a hard day at work, as well as delight the senses.
    Family Room
  6. Portion of Family Room
    Custom leather chair, leather-wrapped pharmacy lamp, and storage column. Artwork selection and custom picture framing by Steven C Adamko ... Interior Designer.
    Portion of Family Room

  1. Office Reception
    Custom mill-work, lighting design, and interior design by Steven C. Adamko. Fabric upholstered walls form a luxurious background, adding richness and depth to a high quality environment that also acts as a silent salesperson.
    Office Reception
  2. Conference Room
    Custom mill-work, lighting, rear projection and speaker system, plus luxurious leather conference chairs create the right ambiance for high-level meetings and brainstorming sessions. Interior design by Steven C. Adamko
    Conference Room
  3. Commercial Loan
    The commercial loan department of a major bank with exotic veneer, custom reception desk, custom marble backdrop, and custom designed wool carpet ... all designed by interior designer Steven C. Adamko.
    Commercial Loan
  4. Seating Area
    Commercial Loan seating area on the other side of the marble backdrop for the reception area designed by Steven C. Adamko, as well as the custom designed wool carpet.
    Seating Area
  5. Country Club Dining
    Main Country Club dining room. Custom mill-work, fabric wall-covering, and tapestry covered Chippendale ladder-back dining chairs. Interior design by Steven C. Adamko.
    Country Club Dining
  6. Country Club Living Room
    Custom trim, faux finish marble on fireplace, reupholstered original furniture, custom drapery treatments, and custom chandelier shades. Interior design by Steven C. Adamko
    Country Club Living Room